Latest blog post's on-premise network: Get an overview of the on-premise network that powers and spans all over Germany.

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Who we are

“We develop the best television experience in the world” - This mission drives our experts daily. is much more than just television - it is a modern entertainment platform which, in addition to classic television, offers many comfort features such as recordings, pause, instant restart, and much more. In addition, we offer the largest pay-TV package in Germany, and a huge media library with over 30,000 films and series on demand. is the market leader for IPTV/OTT in Germany - with one million paying subscribers. Our mission is to replace cable and satellite TV in Germany and to offer customers more flexibility, allow a variety of playback devices, and allow mobility.

Our team of software developers, network and video engineers, designers, and product managers is passionate about large-scale internet streaming, high performance, and great UX/UI designs.

What we do is streaming more than 150 channels to hundreds of thousands of simultaneous viewers. As the engineering department, it is our responsibility to ensure that our platform provides a smooth user experience and high availability while efficiently delivering terabits of video data to our customers.

Engineering consists of different teams that are involved in a wide variety of development and operation activities: