Meet us at PromCon EU 2022 in Munich!

by Alexander Knipping and Nils Juenemann

We’re proud to announce that we’re part of the official sponsoring team of the PromCon 2022 in Munich, November 08 - 09!

We’ve been using Prometheus in production since its early days in 2015 (v0.16.0), monitoring 100% of our infrastructure with it: close to 250.000 samples per second! We’ve written multiple exporters and made extensive use of the client libraries and code provided by the amazing Prometheus community.

In addition, we use various other tools from the telemetry space like Grafana, OpenTelemetry, Tempo and Loki.

Prometheus logo taken from the Prometheus project, licensed under Apache Licence 2.0

Since Prometheus and its community has been important to the success of our platform it’s time to give back. We’re happy to be part of the PromCon 2022 in Munich - not only with some delicious lunch but also with a snappy lightning talk. In this talk we’ll highlight some of the most interesting challenges we deal with while delivering millions of HD streams each day - and how we can use the tools Prometheus provides us to solve them.

Join us in Munich - we look forward to exchanging ideas and thoughts. If you want to get in touch, schedule a meeting or just say Hi when spotting one of our team members!